You want to market something, but you don't know where to start.

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    Not knowing where to start.

    Oh man, let me tell you. I can relate to that problem. Very, very much so.

    Knowing where to start on marketing is hard as hell.

    It's tempting to copy other businesses when you start marketing. But it always comes across as sleazy, scammy, or - worse - uninteresting.

    Here's the thing with products and businesses.

    Every single one is unique. Never will there exist an exact copy of what you're doing.

    That makes you weird. And you can't copy others if you're weird.

    You must forge your own path. That's the only way.

    But how? That's what this book seeks to answer.

    In it, I focus on your specific needs.

    Your curiosity and interests.

    Your style of experimentation.

    Let's do marketing your way.